Covid-19 Announcement

Covid-19 Announcement and Televisits from West Texas E.N.T & Sinus Institute


The health and wellbeing of our patients remains our top priority as we navigate the challenges of COVID – 19. We are closely monitoring guidance and recommendations from the Centers of Disease Control and World Health Organizations to assist in the safety of patients and staff.

We are very thankful to be a part of such a loyal community committed to health and wellness. At this time, We feel it is in the best interest of West Texas ENT & Sinus Institute to do its part in stopping the spread of COVID – 19.

To that effect, We have put in place a few temporary changes: 

  • MCH and local hospitals have postponed all elective surgeries until further notice. Please contact the office if you are scheduled for a surgery and are unaware if it is considered elective.
  • We ask all patients that are feeling under the weather, exhibiting cold/flu like symptoms or who have an elevated temperature to stay home until they are fully recovered.
  • We ask all patients who have recently traveled outside Ector county to wait 6-8 weeks before booking an appointment and please notify staff of traveled destinations.
  • No children allowed unless being seen by the physician NO EXCEPTIONS. Only one additional person with patient if accommodation is needed.
  • Prior to your office visit, We ask all patients to stop by the bathroom and wash your hands.
  • We have hand sanitizer readily available when necessary.
  • We are spacing patients apart to ensure there are no long wait times for your convenience.  

Contact the office directly for special accommodations. We will continue to monitor official guidance from the Centers of Disease Control and the World Health Organization and communicate any changes/updates.

Your health, safety, and comfort are our highest priority. We are all in this together and by being proactive we will get through this together.

Kindest Regards  West Texas ENT & Sinus Institute

We are now offering Televisits!

We are offering telemedicine to our patients due to COVID-19 outbreak. In person office visits are only limited to life- threating conditions with no exceptions. The cost for new patient televisit is $100 and for established patients is $75. These payments must be made before the televisit can take place. Once your televist is scheduled, the office will call for payment prior to your appointment. Medicare is accepted. 
Currently, no hospitals or surgery centers in Texas are allowing elective surgeries; only emergency surgeries for acute life threatening conditions are permitted. Therefore, our elective surgeries are on hold and would be rescheduled for a later date. 

What is a televisit?

A televisit is when your healthcare provider uses technology to care for you without you having to travel to their office. During your televisit, you and your healthcare provider will see and talk with each other using a computer or smart device (smartphone or tablet). Your healthcare provider will be able to check how you’re doing, diagnose any problems you have, and come up with a treatment plan for you all by video. Your video won’t be recorded or saved.

What are the benefits of televisits?

There are many benefits to having a televisit, including:

  • Getting you the care you need without having to travel to the clinic.
  • Complies with social distance.
  • Helps decrease the spread of Covid-19.
  • Allows a visit with the physician without leaving your home
  • Affordable
  • Continuum of care.

How will my televisit work?

We encourage patients to download the app Healow. The practice code for West Texas ENT and Sinus Institute on Healow is CEBHBD. Make sure the office has a good email address and cell phone number on file. Once your televisit is scheduled, you will get a link on your email. With the Healow app, you can connect directly with the office electronic medical record system with your smart phone or tablet.
If you decide to have a televisit, we will schedule your appointment for you. You can either have your televisit from your personal computer (through your email) or smart device (Healow app) at home or at work, or wherever is most convenient for you.

Does my televisit go in my medical record?

Yes. Your healthcare provider will document the visit in your medical record in the same way they would if your visit were in person.

Cost of a televisit:

The cost for new patients is $100. The cost for established patients is $75. These payments must be paid before visit can take place, the clinic will call before the visit to collect payment. Medicare is accepted.

Patient Portal and Healow App Instructions Go to the website https://www.westtexasentandsin... 

1. On the website there is a green tab on the top right-hand corner that says “Patient Portal”, click the tab and it will direct you to the patient portal. 

2. The log in screen will have the information on the HEALOW app that you need to download from the Apple Store or Google Play. (the provider code “CEBHBD” is also shown on here, you will need this to find the doctor on the app itself). 

3. At the bottom of the right-hand screen there is a button that says “Pre-Register”, it will direct you to fill out some patient information forms. 

• If you are an established patient you will receive an email once a receptionist or nurse enters your email and/or enables your account. Once you receive an email it will prompt you to set up your portal account. If you are a new patient you will also receive an email once you are registered. 


When it comes time to your tele-visit appointment you will receive an email that contains a link to your appointment (computer/laptop must be compatible with Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer). This is a bit more difficult to make sure you are compatible therefore I suggest using the HEALOW app. For the HEALOW app... you can log in to your app and it will show you the appointment. Once you click on that appointment it will have a button that says “Join TeleVisit”

• If you are having trouble with your username remember it is the same email as the one you gave the office, the password will be “ENT2020”, you are encouraged to reset it to your preference. (If you forget your password call/text us to reset) After that on the vitals page you can just enter the information you know, do not worry about the rest. Proceed through until the screen says you are waiting for the doctor. 

We will you see you shortly after that!